My Collection of Amazing Sex Toys

Metal Butt Plug With Ruby Jewel

Most kitchen appliances use stainless steel, but did you know that that is also a very common material used in sex toys? The most common use of stainless steel, at least in my opinion is the stainless steel butt plug. Although perhaps the only reason I think it is so common is because I saw one of them being used in a “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie!

The stainless steel butt plug that I use every now is nearly entirely covered with and made out of metal. It is no more than 3 inches tall and shaped just like a budding tulip that is sitting on top of a rod that sits on a base. The budding tulip is obviously the part that enters inside of me, and the rod and base itself are just long and wide enough respectively to provide the necessary protection from losing the butt plug inside of me, helping to keep the focus on the butt plug itself.

Due to being made almost entirely of stainless steel, I love the way the butt plug feels in my hand. It is heavy and when inserted fully into me, I feel full and oh so lovely. And the fact that the butt plug is ice cold upon touching it only enhances my love for the toy. You see, as soon as the butt plug comes into contact with my backside, I almost freeze up, basically unprepared for the intense coldness every time.

But that is not a bad thing, as it turns me on for reasons that I can’t fully explain – perhaps because I am giving in to the toy and taking the cold without being able to stop it (i.e. diving into my more submissive side). And very quickly the butt plug warms up to my own body’s temperature and I get more comfortable and am able to simply enjoy the butt plug’s presence within me.

Now remember how I said my stainless steel butt plug is only nearly entirely covered with and made out of metal? The reason I said it like that is because the base of the butt plug actually has a cute little accessory – a ruby-colored jewel. It is a bright red jewel that covers nearly all of the underside of the base. Unfortunately the butt plug that I personally bought was not a real jewel or anything like that, but it sure looked real and that was the most important to me, especially since the rest of the butt plug was clearly made out of top-notch stainless steel.

While the jewel obviously makes the butt plug nice to look at on its own, what I really love doing is looking back into a mirror while the butt plug is inside of me, spreading my butt cheeks and thus revealing the beautiful jewel. It makes me feel absolutely sexy and beautiful! And knowing where the rest of the butt plug is when I see that jewel nestled between my cheeks turns me on even more!