My Collection of Amazing Sex Toys



Sex is a gift to us all. We all love it. We all want more of it. But what happens when we don’t get the sex that we so often crave?

The answer is to masturbate (obviously). In fact, I personally do it at least once a day if not more often than that. However, what I was really getting towards is when even your typical forms of masturbation are not enough to satisfy your sexual needs?

In that case, the answer is to use sex toys. Yup, you heard me right. Sex toys are a staple to sexual pleasure today, and I can’t get enough of them. They have an innate ability to turn me on and ultimately end with an orgasm, something that doesn’t always happen with just my hands, and almost never happens with guys. If you need more convincing why sex toys are just so special from a practical standpoint, check out this guide to sex toys from Blissful Cherry.

But it is about more than just the practical uses of sex toys, at least for me. I love the way sex toys look. They are works of art that represent the beautiful nature of sex and pleasure. From the very material sex toys are made of, I feel an instant connection to their elegance and grace. The colors can range from plain and simple, to surprisingly complex color schemes. Some sex toys have jewels and other wondrous accessories to them that help them to stand out amongst other similar sex toys.

And when these sex toys actually get into my hands, I can physically feel them and a whole new set of amazing sensations come about. From the way they fit into my hands, I can instantly feel how they would fit inside of me and give me the pleasure that I constantly crave. If they are cold to the touch due to being made out of metal or some other metallic material, I notice it instantly and feel like I am holding something truly luxurious as a result. Even just the weight of the sex toy, and whether they are light as a feather or as heavy as a paperweight gives me a good idea not just of their overall quality, but how the very weight itself can affect how effective the toy is at pleasing me in the bedroom.

Objects of Desire – “The Book” is my formal collection of sex toys that I have experienced and loved over the years. I write not only about how the sex toy pleases me from a practical standpoint, but how they stand out from other sex toys in terms of their beauty as well. All of the sex toys that I write about are quite literally “objects of desire” for me, and ones that I believe that all women would also want for themselves. Enjoy what I have to say and come back for more often! I’ll be looking to update this site as often as possible, especially when I encounter a new and exciting sex toy that I simply can’t wait to share with you all!