My Collection of Amazing Sex Toys

Rigid Metal Anal Beads

When I think of anal beads, I think of a flexible material that bends with the contours of my body as the anal beads are snugly fit inside of my asshole and rest of my anal cavity. However, I realized at some point in my life that not all anal beads were flexible and that sometimes they could be completely rigid. I went on to learn about these types of anal beads for myself and found an amazing sex toy in a rigid set of anal beads made entirely of metal.

As is the case with most metal sex toys, they look amazing and exude elegance and grace. However, unlike some of my other metal sex toys, these anal beads actually reminded me of a Christmas tree, simply because the sex toy was made up of a bunch of metal balls (hopefully you can see how that may remind you of some ornaments, in this case strung together and connected).

One thing that I really love about these anal beads in general was the fact that one end of the sex toy weighs a lot more than the other. Although most sex toys are relatively balanced along one axis, these anal beads were not. The one large anal bead at one end was a lot heavier than the other anal beads on the other end, creating an interesting weight distribution that will come into play when I actually put the anal beads to use, as I will explain down below.

When using the anal beads for masturbation, it is actually not super easy to get them in, at least for the very first time. Because these beads are rigid, you have to literally bend your body more and more as each bead enters you, in order to accommodate the next bead in the chain. It feels so hot contorting my body to allow a piece of metal inside of my ass and even further up my rectum, almost like a submissive role with a sex toy playing the dominant role, if that makes any sense. I know it’s an inanimate object, but literally the only way it works is if you give yourself to the anal beads and do what it wants in order to receive your anal pleasure.

As I alluded to earlier, the weight distribution of the anal beads plays a large role in how the anal beads feel overall. The reason for this is the fact that the largest anal bead (i.e. the one that weighs the most) eventually ends up just outside of my butthole. With the weight centered down closer to my butt than to my upper rectum and beyond, I feel like most of the sexual pleasure is concentrated there. And although I don’t have any particular preference one way or the other, having the weight feel like it is all at the bottom is one of the unique sensations that I love about this toy amazing sex toy. When paired with the rigidity of the rest of the anal beads chain, it creates a totally unique experience that I will never get tired of.