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Bad Dragon Hunter Dildo

Bad Dragon is the makers of some of the finest dildos around, and it is here that I learned what a truly unique and pleasurable dildo could be. And when I saw pleasurable, not just from a physical aspect, but even from a psychological one as well (keep reading to find out exactly what I mean).

Although they have a wide collection of dildos, I selected the Hunter dildo, which is what I will be focusing on today. Like all of their dildos, the color scheme was really vibrant and reminiscent of dragons, which is obviously the theme of their store. I bought the original color scheme for the Hunter dildo and was not disappointed. It is basically a bright orange yellow color at the head that seamlessly transitions into a dark brown at the base. And while the colors themselves were not necessarily colorful, they were still quite vibrant and an absolute pleasure to simply look at.

The complex shapes of their dildos is where Dragon gets a lot of recognition. For the Hunter dildo, there are all sorts of indentations of various sizes that make the dildo textured and basically ribbed for maximum pleasure. But they do it in a way that looks beautiful and fits in with their dragon theme perfectly. There are large bulges that correspond to muscle or even veins, and smaller bulges that correspond to “dragon scales”. Every inch of the dildo is truly seamless.

Now when it comes to pleasure, this dildo delivers. It is not only fairly large, but pretty darn thick as well. Most people cannot even handle inserting half of the dildo into them, but I pushed through on my very first session and get it all the way into me, getting everything down to the base inside of me. It was a challenge, but so worth it. The textures on the dragon dildo all added immense pleasure, especially considering the fact that the dildo was super wide and thus forced me to feel every bulge, big or small, as they pressed against me from the inside. I definitely felt stretched to the limit with this dildo, but I felt stretched to the limit in almost pure pleasure, if that makes any sense to you guys.

However, the pleasure came not just from a physical standpoint, but from a psychological standpoint as well. Because the truth of the matter is that it felt like I was getting penetrated by an actual dragon. I know that sounds crazy, but the attention to detail that Dragon put into this vibrator almost put me into another world when I used it. And I didn’t feel ashamed at all – I felt absolutely liberated. It was a kink I never knew I had until I actually tried their dildo for the first time. If you are into dragons and the like in general, then this dildo will definitely be a worthwhile experience for you. But even if you don’t think that dragons are your thing, you’d be surprised how much you get into it once you have a massive “dragon” all the way inside of you!